How many times have you workout for 2h and felt like a ride in the park?

How many times have you workout for 20 min and felt like going to hell?

Well, you probably have done both and know that there is no better feeling that getting to the gym, get things done quickly and getting out fast but sweating like you just got off the shower. This routine will show you exactly how to that. Ten minutes is more than enough to have a taste of hell but only if you make every second count 😉 Good luck!


1. Muscle Ups
2.Weighted Dips
3. Front Lever Raises
4. L-Sit To Handstand
5. Dead Lift
6. One Slow Push Up
7. Aus. Pull Ups (close)
8. Hanging Knee Raises
9. Farmer Walks
10. Plate Raises

45 secs ON 15 secs OFF

Did you survive? Congratulations if you did! However, If this routine seems like an impossible task to accomplish, you can always shorten the active time and/or prolong the rest time. Fit your personal level and give always your best. Be safe and stay strong 🙂

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