The Front Lever is arguably one of the hardest static moves to master in the world of Calisthenics. Despite looking simple at first sight, this static hold requires a great amount of upper body strength and core stability. It involves the activation of almost every muscle in your body, from your forearms to your chest, shoulders and back, all the way to your entire core, glutes and legs. Although seemingly impossible when you attempt it for the first time, this skill can be obtained by training smart and patiently going through the right steps and progressions.

Many spend years training for this move without getting any tangible results. With so much information out there it is hard to spot which method will work and which one will not. That is why we have put our knowledge and years of experience into our ‘step by step’ Front Lever Technique Guide. There you will find our proven method to effectively and safely master this impressive strength move. Requirements, easily to follow steps, clearly explained progressions and effective workouts can all be found in our Front Lever TG.

Watch Chris Heria walk you through our entire Front Lever Technique Guide in our newest Youtube video. Check it out!

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