One of the most wanted skills in Calisthenics is the well known Handstand. The ability to balance on your hands is something everyone can achieve with proper training and enough practice. However, as simple as it looks, mastering this move requires a great deal of concentration, strength and balance.

Even though the biggest secret to stand on your hands would be to practice every single day, there are a few tips that can help you achieve it faster than just kicking up and down a thousand times a day. Lets go one by one so you can have a better understanding on how to train for this move.


  1. Use a wall: There is no secret that the first step to do a Handstand is by first kicking up into a wall to have a feeling of what it takes to hold your body upside down. To do this start in a runner position and place your hands shoulder with apart. One leg is going to swing and the other one is going kick and bounce up. Once the first leg gets to the wall the other leg matches it. When you are up keep both legs together and tight as well as your arms straight and strongly pressing the ground away from you.

  2. Gazing is everything: Balance is a combination of all your senses, your gaze being the most important one. At the beginning you want to look right in between your eyes with your head slitty forward, making a triangle with your gaze and your hands. Eventually this will change as we work towards aligning our head with our entire body and in this case we will look at the back of the room. But for now lets focus on one single point in front of your hands.

  3. Press, release and repeat: Your hands has now become your feet. use the pressure of your fingertips against the floor to prevent your self from falling forward. Release the pressure right before your body falls back and press again before it falls in the other direction. Repeat it back and forward to keep your body in balance.

  4. Learn how to fall: getting over the fear of falling crucial in getting your first handstand. The safest way to go about it is by twisting your body to your preferred side and landing on your feet. Use a spotter or a mat to lear this safety.

  5. Practice, practice and practice some more: Use the wall hold to create strength and body awareness. Practice without the wall to find your balance. Mastering the handstand really comes down to repetition. The more the better.

Watch Chris Heria from Thenx guide you through all the previous steps in our How to Handstand Youtube video so you can go ahead and experience the beautiful art of hand balancing.

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