10 MINUTES OF HELL! WORKOUT | Reaction Video 

We are only as strong as our mindset. Even though exercising is considered a physical activity, the way you think plays a essential role in maximizing the results you get from training. If you are not using your mind correctly you are missing out the real power and strength your body is capable of producing. Here are some tips on how you can master your mindset when it comes to training:

  1. Visualize.

    Did you know your body does not know the difference between an event that is physically experienced and an event that is deeply lived and felt within our brain? This means that by strongly visualizing yourself lifting a particular weight or performing a specific skill your body is more than ready to do so. Next time before you attack the barbell or try a handstand, close your eyes and imagine yourself doing the movement. The trick here is to add as much detail as possible. Do not only think about it, but feel it and believe it without a trace of doubt.

  2. Eliminate Distractions.

    Training time is training time period. You shouldn’t be scrolling through Instagram while you rest or thinking about your next meal while squatting. Your focus and concentration should be all about the movement you are performing. Think about how much valuable time you are missing next time you start talking to your gym buddy.

  3. Go hard or don’t go at all.

    There is a saying that goes “It is the last rep that counts”. Although this is not literally true, it makes a really good point about the way we should be training. Your mind will always give up before your body does. It is in that precise moment you hear that voice saying you are tired that you have to push harder. Give it all and do not let anything left in the gym. If you are going to workout anyways, why not going as hard as you possibly can to truly supercharge your results?

Remember those simple tips next time you approach the gym and I guarantee your results will double. Watch Chris Heria and Gabo Saturno applying all three techniques in the newest THENX Youtube Video and get motivated to go and crush your workout!

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