How To Start Calisthenics – PULL UPS

The pull-up is considered one of the ‘basic’ moves in the Calisthenics world. Despite its popularity, the pull-up can be found really challenging for some or even most individuals. It requires a strong grip, the activation of all your back muscles and a good amount of strength to pull yourself up a bar. However, as any other basic Calisthenics move there are easier progressions you can do in other to master the pull up. By training with the proper drills and by following the right workouts you will be able to master this move in no time!

Here are the list of progressions you can do to gain the strength necessary to perform a pull-up:


This move is the easiest progression that allows you to feel the activation of your back and biceps and understanding the pulling motion of your body. You can start with the bar completely in front of you and reposition your feet to increment difficulty (Watch video to learn more). As you become stronger you can even elevate your feet and be completely parallel to the ground to make the exercise more demanding.



For the next progression we are going to replicate the pull up but taking away the hardest part of the move. However, we are still work the muscles required for pulling ourself up. Jumping pull-ups allows you to feel the range of motion when you are still working towards your first pull-up. As you become stronger just jump to the top of the bar and come down slow and controlled. This is the third progression known as negatives pull ups



Using a resistant band is one of the fastest way to learn the proper technique for the pull-up. Choose a resistance that allows you to perform several pull ups but challenges you at the same time.


To learn more in detail about the pull-up watch the following Youtube video.

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