How To Start Calisthenics – L SIT & PISTOL SQUATS

The L Sit and Pistol Squats are two calisthenics moves that will challenge everyone’s core and legs strength. Although very different movements, they both required you to have a really strong core and hip flexors as well as some degree of hamstring flexibility. Lets take a closer look at this two moves!


The L Sit is perform by lifting your body with your arms completely straight pushing down and then raising your legs to create a 90 degree angle with your torso. The easiest place to do an L Sit will be on the dip bars since you have the leverage to brings your legs up from the bottom. You can then take it to a small set of parallel bars or a single bar for an extra challenge. Finally, the floor L Sit will be the hardest variation due to the fact that you will need to push more and raise your legs higher in order to lift your body enough to create space between you and the floor.

As with any other Calisthenics move, a series of progressions can be followed in order to master the L Sit. Make sure you can do a progression comfortably for a good amount of reps or time before you move on to a harder one. (More about all the progressions in our recent youtube video.)


The pistol squat is considered the king of all legs calisthenics exercises. It requires a combination of strength, balance and flexibility. It is done by keeping one leg in front of you while the other leg squats down and then up. You must have a strong quadricep to press up, a good balance to stay on one leg and a decent hamstring and ankle mobility to be able to go to the bottom position without falling on your butt or touching the floor with the opposite leg.

As with the L Sit, the pistol squat can be trained by mastering each of the easier progressions. Lets dig deeper into all the progressions and training methods in the following youtube video!