Start Calisthenics with This Workout.

Most people can be intimidated by Calisthenics. Some believe that it is all about difficult positions or dangerous tricks. It would be normal to be scared by that when you can barely do a pull up or a push up. However, Calisthenics can be done by everyone, and I mean EVERYONE.

Let me explain.

Even though Calisthenics can get pretty complex as you become more advance, in reality it is nothing more than just using your own body weight to train. Some will take the route of performing fancy tricks while others just want to become fit and strong. Both the fancy tricks and the moves that required massive strength will make the average person stay away Calisthenics. Truth is that you do not need to be doing neither of those. A single air squat, a knee push up or a sit up is already a form of Calisthenic’s training.

Regardless of your goal, you will have to go through a series of progressions before attempting any hard move. Any professional Calisthenic athlete was once a beginner. If they are doing a one arm push up they had to be doing regular push ups or even knee push ups before. Even if you have not ever move a muscle in your life, Calisthenics will offer you exercises and routines that can be done by anyone. Literally.

In the Following video Chris Heria brings a very special guest to demonstrate that someone new to body weight training can do a similar routine to someone who is a master in the subject. Check it out and apply this routine to start your Calisthenic journey right now!

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