The thing with belly fat is: It is pretty stubborn. Following those run-of-the-mill ab workouts do not seem to work. Many of those lack consistency; a crucial part of loosening the tightness of abdominals and toning them into the shape you want.

We suggest a workout routine, specifically designed for your core abdominal muscles, that goes for five minutes. This is a mixture of ten basic exercise positions molded into one, complete workout. Remember: You can’t stop in between. That is what will make this work all the more effective. Also, each exercise should last 30 seconds.

Go ahead and give the five-minute-only workout a thorough read.

  • Boat Hold Leg Flutters with a Ball.

Start off with some leg flutters. Use your basketball, or anything else—a book or practically anything, to help. Get into position are starting off with the leg movement. Make sure you breathe and your legs are absolutely straight.

  • Russian Twists.

Russian Twists follow the leg flutters. Start with the position. Join your legs and sway them. Keep placing your ball, or whatever it is you have chosen to use, on to opposite sides. This requires consistency and patience. Keep your breathing steady.

  • Lying Leg Raises.

For this, grab on to your ball and stretch your arms backward. And move your already joined legs up and then down instead of left and right like the Russian twists. Make sure your head does not touch the floor and that your legs come all the way at a 90 degrees angle for each raise.

  • Sit Ups While Throwing a Ball in the Air.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t throw the ball too high, though. Just make sure you do not get too exhausted for the rest of the exercises.

  • Jumping Jacks.

These will take most of your energy. Do the jacks slowly. There are five more exercises to go.

  • Knee Taps.

The knee taps are the much needed break from all the jumping and all the on-the-floor exercise. Make sure you do these slowly, but not too slowly, so as to conserve your strength.

  • Side-to-Side Planks.

It is back to the floor with this one. Keep your abdominals above the floors, move with your hips left and right with the force of your elbows.

  • Side Plank Hip Raises.

These should be pretty easy. By now you must be tired and all sweaty. So take these Side Planks slow, too for the last two exercises.

  • Mountain Climbers and Bicycles.

Both of these are identical to each other. And both should be done with additional energy.

Once you are done, lie down on your back for your pulse to normalize and have a glass of water later.

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