It has been long debated upon calisthenics vs. weights and still, there is no fine line in between their efficiencies. Today this blog will take you through each one of them, describing in detail their effects on your body also, referring to our expert advisor, Chris, and what he followed to become this strong.

Let’s start with defining the two. Calisthenics is where you use your own body weight to train, focusing on relative strength, however weight training is where you use external weights to train your body and it focuses on maximum strength or muscle strength thus increasing power.

Looking at the definition itself, we can deduce that each kind of exercise focuses on different purposes, where one increases your endurance to external weight, the other strengthens your core and helps in body coordination. Thus, doing any one of the kind exclusively won’t give you the maximum output, a combination of both will train your body in the best way possible. Here is a full workout routine by our expert to help you out.

  • Muscles breaks

You can use resistance bands to make it harder.

  • Clean and press

  • Around the world

  • Deadlifts

  • L-sit to front lever

  • Squats

Include weights according to your strength.

  • Handstand and pushups

This will make you a complete athlete, mastering both, calisthenics and weight training!


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