Ever wondered what is explosive training? It is basically a level up to your daily conventional exercises that require more power and engages more muscle.

After working on your basics, that is grip strength, you take your workout to the next level, and that is explosive training. Here you put your maximum strength using your deep fat loaded muscles. This impact also helps in body movement and coordination. Not only this but explosive training improves your stamina more than any other training. Here we have a complete explosive workout routine for you to work on by our expert, Chris;

  • Muscle-ups

You can do a straight muscle up or you can use more momentum to have a greater effect.

  • Explosive dips

Go backward and fourth wards if you have a longer bar.

  • High pull ups

Pull up to your waist level.

  • Explosive burpees

These are your normal burpees with a jump at each interval

  • Box jump

Using one leg at a time, jump up and down a box that is 1/3rd your height.

  • Planche + pushup combo

Though if you can’t do the pushup part, continue with plank only.

  • Explosive sit-ups

You can use any ball for this purpose, the target is just to involve all muscles.

But for all this, you need to master the basic movements first and then come towards making a combination workout. Also, during these exercising, if you are exhausted and leave your form, it is better to take a break as the workout won’t benefit you this way.

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