Talking about workouts, our bodies get used to the exercise and there comes a time when we done see our body changing at the rate that it did before. This stage is also known at plateau stage. In order to keep your body growing and showing the same efficiency, one should introduce resistance bands in their daily workout regimen. This help provide resistance to your everyday exercises, making it harder. Weights also provide resistance to your body, but the value is constant. However, vwith resistance bands, the resistance changes depending upon the force you apply. Thus a great way to get a bigger chest without weights is resistance and assistant training.

To help you get through this training, our expert Chris has the perfect exercise regimen for you!

  • DIPS

Twist the resistance band in your hands and put it over your neck. Continue with the normal dips.


Twist the band in your hands and put it slightly over your shoulder blades. Continue with the normal push-ups.


Tie a resistance band to a bar and one end in your hand. Pull your hand forwards and backward.


Tie a resistance band on a high bar, attach the other end to your feet. This is an assistant role of the band. Now do the normal pushups.


You cannot move your body forward in this one, hence all power is on your chest and arms. Put the band on two bars, hold it with your hand and sit on the free swing end on the band. Now using your arms, do your dips.


This is like the muscle ups taught earlier, just a few extra reps once you are up.

Do this set 3 times to complete the training.

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