Today we will talk about boxing, Mayweather vs McGregor. Boxing basically consists more of your upper half, driving power from the core, be it attacking or defending. However, this is a full body sport that requires a lot of full body coordination, thus calisthenics is the best way to prepare for such fights. Along with this, they use explosive training that we taught you before, it helps them stand longer and stronger in the ring. Our expert, Chris has devised a combination of exercises done by Mayweather and McGregor to help you form a regimen.

  • JUMP ROPE (1 min.)

Do this like normal rope jumping. Then put one leg up and do it with the other. Keep switching on legs. Keep your core tight the whole time.

  • MUSCLE UPS (max)

These are the same muscle ups we taught before

  • FLAG RAISES (max)

This going to train your oblique and side core which helps you take hits and giving powerful punches.

For this, you need to hold a vertical bar with both hands and lift your body just like a flag.


These are pushups in combination. It is done with the help of small bars. It helps you practice your precision and accuracy.

  • HIGH KNEE TAPS ( 1 min.)

This move improves your cardio. Make sure your knees go up high, nearly making a 90-degree angle with your body. Do this as fast as you can.

  • AB WHEEL (max)

This is the main exercise that improves your core. This sport is all about your core, be it the punches or endurance. This exercise involves the back muscles along with the core.


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