Thenx has established a trusted name among the physical fitness and calisthenics enthusiasts. Lately, it just hit the milestone of having 1 million subscribers. 1 million registered individuals signing from all over the world to get access to Thenx signature videos, this is definitely huge! To celebrate the mark, the Thenx team decided to have some celebration. The team installed a new bar at the new Thenx headquarters-yes a brand new location and recorded an epic free style workout video which can be accessed by anyone.

This is really a glance into the Thenx new headquarters and an invitation by Heria to all people who are crazy about being getting fit but have been missing out on so much useful stuff. A number of individuals from Thenx team are seen doing their activities with the bars installed. The activities include pull ups (both double and single armed), full body rotations, head and handstands. These activities are performed by the best of instructors at Thenx. After giving us a glance of the location and the workouts, Chris takes its followers to join them at their informal lunch with the crew members.

The team is all excited to celebrate its victory of having 1 million members. They ordered special stuff for the dinner what they would usually not eat because yeah it’s a cheat day. The ordered food included fried chicken, mussels, duck, beef, vegetables, cream spinach, Shitake mushrooms and many types of salads. The eating starts with a toss by everyone to everyone and ends with a cute little dessert plate saying congratulations to the team.

All crew members including Bryan Slozano, Ashemimry, Bruix, Stefan Heria, Osvaldo and others are seen sending personal love notes to the Thenx family. We really appreciate this gesture of love from Thenx and Heria to thank its 1 million huge athletic army.

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