Chris Heria shows us how to optimize the daily fitness routine with 100 pushups a day. This is a squeal to the previous video by Thenx where the followers got to know of 50 new variations they can bring in their pushups.

To show how to do 100 pushups a day, Heria choses 5 different variations and performs 20 reps for each of them. He also shows how to select the right pushing exercises in order to have a full chest and triceps workout and hitting all the muscles of the chest region. These exercises will engage all muscles in the upper, middle, outer and lower part of the chest.

While doing all the pushups, one must not forget the basics, the body should be in a straight line from the shoulder to the ankle, elbows bent at a 90 degrees angle upon bending and consistent motion. The various types of pushups are:

  1. Weighted pushups:

    Weighted pushups are performed by placing weights on the back side of the body. These pushups target the whole of the chest but particularly emphasize on the central part.

  2. Inclined pushups:

    Inclined pushups best target the upper chest. According to Heria, “Inclined pushups are a great way to get into calisthenics.” Inclined pushups also improve overall pushing and repetitions.

Inclined pushups are performed by placing the legs on a chair so they are lifted than the other body and then pushing up and down.

  1. Declined pushups:

    On the other hand, the declined pushups are performed by placing the hands at a higher angle

  2. High hand pushups:

    These pushups are great to do in the morning. In fact, Chris suggests that it should be the first thing you do in the morning. High hand pushups are performed by placing the hands at a higher position and then pushing up and down. Best target the lower chest.

  3. Diamond pushups:

Diamond pushups are much like the regularly performed pushups except that the hands are placed near the chest instead of near the head or shoulders.

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