Almost everybody who does strength training wants to have bigger biceps. Bigger biceps are a subconscious sign of strength. Something that could be showed off in every kind of wear as it is the simplest way one can make their muscles visible. Bigger biceps are also trending among the movie stars and that is why everybody wants them. Chris Heria-founder of Thenx (a calisthenics training website) has presented three simple tips to have bigger biceps. He introduces a series of different grips, angles and positions to engage both biceps and brachialis (which complement the biceps).

The following different exercises are recommended for bigger biceps:


Pull Ups: Chin Ups are performed by using a bar and pulling the body towards it. To start doing chin ups, first place your arms wide apart so there is a considerable difference between them. After about 5 reps, the hands are brought close together and the same pulling is performed. The change in distance between the shoulders targets different muscles of the biceps which in turn helps them in becoming big.

Chin Ups: The chin ups are performed the same way as pull ups except that the body is lifted till the chin. Heria performs chin ups spacing the shoulders at three different places. The first chin ups are carried out at the widest distance between the hands and then making it closer.

Neutral Grip Pull Ups: The neutral grips are carried out in the same manner as the other two. Closing the distance from wide to shoulder grip to close grip.

Going slow with full range of motion for hypertrophy:

Ring curls: Heria shows ring curls as an example to show full but slow and controlled motion. To perform such, the hands are gripped on the ring curls with the body straight leaning away from the curls. Now, the hands are twisted in the rings through a whole angle

Hefesto: The hefesto is a high intensity move, it involves the use of a resistance band. To perform the hefesto, sit on a bar and put the band across through. Hold the band tightly from one side, stretch it and hold from the other end. Now move the body in a full range supporting yourself with band only.


Progressive Overload:

Progressive overload is all about adding weight to increase the pressure on your biceps. The best way to have progressive overload is to do one arm exercises. Chris does this by starting off with a two hand pull up and then shifting it to one arm and releasing down. He brings more variation by trying the crazy one arm chin ups.

These exercises target differnet angles of the body with different levels of weight or pressure. The biceps are toned to become more bigger and sexy


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