Pushups are a great fundamental exercise but they can only take you a little way if you keep on doing them the same way involving the same muscles. Chris at Thenx shows us some variations that we can bring in our regular pushups. These variations will allow us to target different muscles and most importantly master the art of pushing.

According to Chris Heria, “You wanna think of pushing as an actual skill vs an exercise. You wanna start getting good at the movement and the best way to do that is to start mixing it up, using different types of grips and trying to do that movement in as different ways as possible.”

The new styles of pushing as explained by Heria will make you stronger and more efficient at pushing exercises. These variations are great for a person if he thinks pushing up is not helping him reduce weight or bring the desired results. Chris challenges the users to at least pick 10 of the 50 variations, repeat them and make them a part of daily pushing.

Some of the pushups variations as explained by Heria are:

  1. Archer pushups:

    Involve the stretching of each arm one by one alternatively on pushing.

  2. Wide pushups:

    Involve opening the arms at an angle wider than the usual and pushing up.

  3. Inclined pushups:

    Try to position the body at an inclined angle by placing the feet on a chair and then pushing up and down.

  4. Finger Tip pushups:

    Support your body weight only on the tips of the fingers instead of the hands and try to push up and down.

  5. Pike Pushups:

    Involve lifting up the hips to form an inverted V shape of the body. In this way, the hips are pointing the roof.

These are only a few of the variations shown by Heria. They are different than the regular pushups and make use of more muscles increasing the intensity of the activity. So if you are tired of the same regular pushups, do try some of these variations.


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