Wondering how to make the best out of your compound exercises? Today, we’re here to help achieve just that. What makes compound exercises amazing is that they make you use more than one muscle. Jump squats, squats, and pull-ups are few examples of compound exercises.

The reason compound exercises are useful is that since more of your muscles are involved, you’re producing more muscle mass. Producing more muscle, in turn, helps you perform better while working out. Another great thing about compound exercises is that the more you’re using your muscles, the more skilled you get in using more than one muscle.

While doing a compound workout, you’re also burning more calories, so it’s also super-effective in helping you stay slim and maintain your ideal weight. Isolation of muscles will definitely help you get stronger, but compound exercises actually enable you to use that strength.

If you want to get started with compound exercises, you might want to start a basic workout that we all know about: pushups. Pushups can do wonders for your muscle strength, so don’t shy away from them.

So, here are few compound exercises you can use to transform your fitness regime:

  1. Front Level Pulls:

    Just grab a resistance band and get started with this fun and energizing pull-up technique. You can modify it according to your own convenience.

  2. Muscle-Ups:

    Muscle-ups help you work on your whole upper body. Using this technique, you can work on your chest, forearms, back, shoulders, core, and triceps etc.

  3. Handstand Pushups:

    Handstand pushups might seem difficult at first, but as you go on practicing, you’ll notice that you’re developing the skill to utilize your muscles better and achieve more balance.

  4. Deadlift:

    This is also an important workout that helps you engage your core in a way which can do wonders for your muscle-strength.

These were only few compound exercises to get you started. The more you practice, the better you’ll get and will receive the fruits of your fitness regime.

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