Burning fat is on top of body goals. Be it professionals or an average person working out for fitness, fat burning can prove to be a nightmare. Those dropping digits on the scale don’t always mean fat loss. Fat loss greatly depends on your basal metabolic rate, hormones and your net calorie gain. Likewise, building muscle is also a tedious task. Whether you are a skinny person trying to gain muscle, or a fat person trying to convert fat into muscle; all you need is the right regimen with a good diet plan to become stronger and thicker!

Today we have with us Zay Tiggs along with our expert, Chris. Zay has completely transformed his body by calisthenics, no external help. He is the best example of getting a strong and aesthetically pleasing body without any weights or machines. They will guide you through the process to achieve your goal. This blog focuses mainly on calisthenics.

  • 25 push ups

Start with regular pushups. Keep your body straight (the hip should not be too high or too low, just exactly on your body level). Keep your core hard. Use your arms to lift you body and bring in down.

  • 10 pull ups

This again is the normal pull up, where you hold your body on a high bar and the using the power of your arm, you move up and down. This is like the opposite of pushups where you push, whereas with pull ups, you are focusing on your muscles that pull.

  • 15 dips

Do these on low bars and don’t touch the ground with your feet in between. Keep your body slanted yet in a straight line and your core tight.

  • 10 chin ups

10 chin ups to be done without touching the floor with your feet. You will do these on a high bar.

You need to do this rep at least 10 times in total to achieve your goal.

In this workout routine, you not only working on one particular type of muscles, rather working your antagonists as well. Calisthenics, if done right can do wonders. Just be consistent and do it right!

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