Freestyle calisthenics has been the recent trend. With youngsters getting more awareness and trying to strengthen their core, they are focusing more on calisthenics. In our previous blogs, we talked about calisthenics in detail along with extensive exercise regimens by our expert. Now talking about freestyle calisthenics, it may seem easy to the viewer as if it’s just another casual exercise which doesn’t require much effort. However, in reality, this is one of the more strain and difficult exercise regimens. Even though it is called freestyle but every exercise in it has great precision. Today we will talk about one of the exercises in freestyle calisthenics and that is a bar jump.

Now in order to learn this exercise, you need to have certain requirements so that it becomes easier for you.

The requirements are:

  • 10 muscle ups in a row
  • 20 straight bar dips in a row
  • 20 burpees in a row

If you master these 3 exercises, then you are ready to go!

Now in order to practice this move, we need to break it down and work on progressions.

  • Superman Straight bar dips

Take a smaller bar to start with. You basically need to pop your body up to make an exclusive dip. The bar has to be at your hip line. Noe hold it and pick up your body straight up. Now start swinging your upper body. Once your legs start moving back, push them up, making your body 180 degree to the ground.

  • Straight bar dips

Now the same name might confuse you. Basically it is exactly as the first one, but with a little addition. Once your body is up 180 degree to the ground, here you have to press your waist line, pushing your hip up and moving your knees inwards.

  • Bar pop

This is a very basic technique to master all bar techniques. It’s the same as the second exercise with a little addition. Now once your body is up in position, you need to let go of the bar and let your body go in air. For this, to have a higher explosiveness, more your hip as high as possible.

Now you are done with the basics. With move number 3, try to inculcate kicks on the bar. Then slowly move your body ahead in order to stand on the bar.

Once you master it on small bar, start practicing on a high bar after performing a muscle up.

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