This is another addition to our freestyle calisthenics training. It looks very casual yet it has a lot of steps that you have to master in order to perfect this move.

For this again you have to fulfill certain requirements.

  • Muscle ups

The most important requirement for this is to complete at least 10 explosive muscle ups in a row with bar pop technique, which was taught in the last video.

  • Jump squat 360.

You have to master jump squat 360. This is simply a squat followed by a 360 turn of your body while in the air. For the turn, try to focus on your arm and your face. Push your arm and face out in the direction that you have to turn and your body will follow. If you try to twist your body and give the core a push you will never be able to do this. Thus, guide your arms and head right and the body will follow. For this you need to complete 20 reps for each side.

Now start practicing muscle up 360 on a small bar that is your hip height.

  • Muscle up

Start with practicing muscle ups the conventional way.

  • Leave one hand

Once you are up in the air, start leaving the hand at the back. the hand that is still on, you can give in a little extra push. For this initial practices it is not important to land back on the bar. Just get comfortable with the body spin first even if you don’t catch it bar. Another tip is to be close to the bar to attain that height.

  • Grab the bar at the end

Now it is the time to land back on the bar. This comes once you are comfortable with the spin. Try to grab the bar even before your feet land on the ground. This shows that you are ready for a high bar. Do this at least 10 times in a row before going to the high bar.

  • High bar

Now this is the final show. Just be very comfortable with the move and let your body loose. The more stiff it will be, the harder will it be to land back at the bar and hold it just in time.

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