If you’ve been looking for ways to begin freestyling calisthenics, the expert Chris Heria at thenx has given up his own beginner’s drill.
According to him if you want to start freestyling calisthenics, you need to pull together moves that show off your new found strength with the use of bars.

Beginner’s drill:

The beginners drill can incorporate the easy level moves like the knee raise, l-sit etc. Even though these are not the only ones, these are considered the fundamental to starting calisthenics.

The beginner’s drill can include all of the following moves:

Pull overs:

Start with the pull over. It is a basic move to begin with. Grab a bar, pull your body upward and raise your toes above the bar. Then pull your hips up, then the belly and propel your body over. Control your body. Now keep in mind that a person does not particularly need to start with the pullover but they are considered the fundamental moves to master the next levels.

Straight bar dips:

Just like muscle pull over, but in this you have to raise your torso to the bar level, then give a little dip and repeat the movement.


Grab the handles, pull your core up a little, now move your legs into a 90 degree level. IT should not be more or less.

Pull up:

For grip pull ups you have to switch between your grips after every pull up because the hanging time is longer. Grab the bar, now raise your core above the level of bar, before dipping down turn one of your hand and grab the bar from other side. Repeat this movement with the other hand. Alternate.

Knee/leg raise:

This is like the l-sit, with the difference that you have to pull your kees towards your chest, then straighten them. Repeat the movement.

Before starting beginners should keep in mind to

  1. Hang on to the bar as long as you can.
  2. Do not try to do a pattern. Freestyle and alternate between known moves.
  3. Try to transit through moves that are similar in movement like the L-sit can lead to the knee raise.
  4. Maintain form at all times.
  5. Try to incorporate more exercise as you learn them.

You have to increase your endurance for freestyling. If you feel like letting go, give your body a breather and do something easier like the l-sit.

The key is in trying. All moves can transition from one to another.

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