Chris Heria, the founder and owner of Thenx Official, shows us how to perform weighted calisthenics. Weighted calisthenics are only for the people who can perform basic calisthenics, in other words you must have the foundation and structure for calisthenics. Weighted calisthenics are the next level and can be difficult for people who cannot perform calisthenics properly.

The pre requisites for weighted calisthenics are:

  • At least 15 pull ups with good technique and perfect form
  • At least 20 dips
  • At least 20 pushups
  • At least 30 squads
  • Holding for at least 10 seconds.

If a person is able to perform this with perfect form then he is able to start training with weighted calisthenics. Chris explains how he started to incorporate weighted calisthenics in his training, once he was mastered the basics he started to wear weights during his training. Weights can be incorporated in the form of a weighted vest or belt.

For weighted calisthenics, start with a weight you can actually manage but keep in mind that it is still going to challenge you. Chris uses a 45 and 50 at the same time and advises others to choose a weight that challenges them to perform at least 8 reps. After your first exercise, take out some weight and do the next exercise, e.g. if you are having a 10, lower it down to 5 or even 2.

Continue to perform the other exercises alternating between heavy and light weights. Be careful to choose a weight that challenges you. After alternating between weights, try exercising using a resistance band. Chris shows us to perform pushups with weights and resistance and then with only resistance. He suggests to try different variations in pushups. Some other exercises to try with weights include squats both with heavy and low weights.

Weighted calisthenics will give the best shape of your body that you can ever have so if you have mastered the art of calisthenics, weighted ones should be your next target.

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