Nowadays, there is a new trend amongst youngsters and young adults, and that is to have a picture perfect body for which they spends hours and hours in the gym. In most of the exercise regimens, people tend to work on their biceps the most. This is done to make their arm look bigger. However what we fail to realize is that the muscle opposite to your bicep, the triceps accounts for ¾ of your arm space! Triceps are often neglected during exercises, but if worked on correctly, they add a lot of power and make your arm bigger than it ever was.

Now you need to know a few things about the triceps muscle before you start working on them. A tricep has 3 heads. Triceps brachii which is the topmost long head, then comes a triceps brachii- lateral head followed by the lower most, triceps brachii-medial head. The largest of the three is the lateral head. This one is easy to work on and also accounts for major visible change after workout, thus if you need big arms, work on the lateral head first!

Talking about triceps training, different gurus follow different techniques. Some say that you have to break a sweat once weekly, however some believe that it’s best to do low exercises every day for the week. But don’t worry, you don’t need to get confused, our expert is here to help you out with his very own customized regimen!


  1. Dumbbell Overhead Extension

Keep your core tight in this exercise. Your hand should be straight aligned with your body upwards and the move back 90 degrees.

  1. Diamond Triceps Extension

This will focus on the lateral head

  1. Korean Dips

This exercise makes your medial tricep work. You can do this on the side of a bench or a bar.

  1. Skull Crushers

Long head is in use. Push forward with force to make it more efficient.

  1. Bench Dips

Lateral head is being worked on with this. Come down as low as you can and go back up with full force till you put your maximum weight on your hands.

  1. Reverse grip Push Downs

Targeting the medial head with push downs. Keep you back straight to avoid using other muscles on this. Bring your hand close to your body to put maximum pressure.

  1. Weighted Dips

This increases the efficiency by using external forces!

Do this routine 4x to complete this workout.

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