Developing amazing abs like your favorite athlete or fitness expert might be your dream as a fitness enthusiast. It’s a quite achievable dream. But first, let’s go through few reasons why your abs are not visible.

  • Nutrition: If you’re on a high-calorie and high-fat diet, your abs will not get the prominent and aesthetic look. So, get a diet plan that fits your needs and get into the habit of clean eating. You might already be eating fewer calories, but if you have water retention, it can make you look bulky. Proper hydration and sweating during workout can solve this problem.
  • Engagement: If your diet is proper, but you’re still unable to develop abs, the reason might be a lack of engagement. So, before starting your training for abs development, make sure you’re engaging your core properly. Your exercise routine will only help you if you’re engaging your core and abdominal muscles in the proper way.
  • Harder and Smarter Training: Doing a 5-10 minutes abs workout won’t do much for you in helping you develop your abs. You’ll need to have a proper training program, tailored according to your needs and goals. It’s better to have one full day dedicated to only your abs.

Here are few workouts that can help you develop your abs:

  1. In & Outs
  2. Boat hold
  3. Russian Twists
  4. Knee Taps
  5. High Knee Raises
  6. L-Sit Kicks

What these workouts really do for you is help you engage your core even before you get started with your training. It’s pointless to just go through the movements of your abs workouts without actually using your core. Once your core is properly engaged, you’ll be able to get more results with your workouts and will eventually notice your abs getting that visible and aesthetic look you’ve always wanted.

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