Today we have Demi Bagby with us. This girls has time and again proved her worth and has also motivated a lot of teens. She is just 16 years old and works out like a beast. There is no exercise that she cannot do. Today she is here with us to share some of her exercises and a few do a few that are challenged by our expert, Chris. So let’s find out what kind of exercises the two experts have decided to do for you.

  • Ring push ups

It’s doing pushups with vertical rings in your hand. The rings are the typical gym rings that are non-compressible. Doing pushups with these is a lot harder as it puts extra pressure on your core, thighs and arms.

  • Muscle ups

These are the conventional muscles that we taught you before. Hold a high bar, keep your body straight and using your arm strength push your body upwards. Do at least 10 reps of these.

  • Back flip wall balls

In this you have to throw the ball in air, do a body flip (360 body turn in the air) and catch the ball before it hits the ground.

  • Flag raises

For this you have to hold a vertical bar and start lifting your body till it is parallel to the ground. Then slowly bring it down, but don’t leave the bar. Raise it back up. All this time, your hands should be on the bar, straight. Do this 5-6 times in a row.

  • One arm toes to bar

Hold a high bar with one arm and pull your toes up so that they reach the level of the bar. This puts great pressure on your core, arms and thighs.

  • 360 toe turn

Same as 5, hold a high bar, bring you toes all the way up while keeping your legs straight. Then start moving your toes in the shape of a clock. Do reps clockwise and anticlockwise.

  • Rope climb

This is the final and the hardest exercise of them all. Put your body in L shape and start lifting your body with your arms. Go all the way up the rope, then come down.

These were all for the day. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram, snapchat and Facebook to view some of her insane moves!

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