Chris Heria records a video with Demi Bagby which he has called as 10 minutes of Hell. This is a special edition video as Thenx officially shifts to its new headquarters and closes down the old one. As the name suggests these 10 minutes involve high intensity workout having alternating periods of activity (45 seconds) and rest (10 seconds rest). These exercises involve backflip burpees, muscle ups, wallball combo, jump ropes, weighted pull ups, box jump pistol squats, burpee pullover, walking lunges, pushups and finally around the worlds.

Backflip Burpees: Backflip burpees are performed with flipping the body through a whole 360 degrees, a fast push up and then back to backflipping. Both Heria and Demi nail their way through the burpees, Demi even does a little extra credit

Muscle Ups: Muscle Ups are performed by pulling up the whole body against a bar, Demi does this in a new way by adjusting her legs in a resistance band for added support. Chris and Demi are both seem putting their all effort to survive the 45 seconds of muscle ups. According to Chris, “This really is 10 minutes of hell”

Wall-ball combo: Wallball combo is a very interesting exercise which is performed by hitting the ball with the wall and passing it to the other person while he hits the ground. This mainly targets muscles in the pectoral region.

Jump ropes: Jump ropes are performed as normal skipping. Each exercise is followed with a 10 seconds rest period.

Weighted pull-ups: We have seen these in many of Heria’s videos but this today is harder since its 10 minutes of hell.

Box Jump pistol squat: This involves jumping on a box and squatting with one leg in the air. Damn! We are seeing the tough versions of all exercises.

Burpee Pullover: Burpee pullover consists of a burpee on a bar followed by a quick pushup.

Walking lunges: Walking lunges are actually weighted walking lunges, performed by having weights and lunging from one corner to the other.

Pushups: Simple basic pushups, no variations

Around the world: Around the worlds are performed with moving legs in an imaginary globe like shape while hanging on the bar.

Huh, that was some real pain. Demi and Heria are both exhausted after these 10 minutes of hell but they are truly worth each second if you want to be a real calisthenic athlete!

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