Have you been wondering how not to miss out on your fitness regime while you’re traveling? If you’re a fitness enthusiast who also gets to travel a lot, you should check out this list of travel exercises you can do on the go:

  1. Pull-Ups:

    Pull-ups are great for your back and biceps. You don’t need much equipment to be able to do your pull-ups regularly.

  2. Single Arm Rows:

    Keep those arms strong and toned even while you’re traveling. If you can’t find dumbbells, just put a few water bottles in a shopping bag and use it instead.

  3. Bent Over Rows:

    Just like single arm rows, you can use shopping bags (as suggested earlier), or any kind of weights to complete your bent over rows while you’re away from gym.

  4. Alternating Curls:

    Who would’ve thought shopping bags could actually help you get fit? You can use shopping bags for alternating curls as well.

  5. Diamond Push-ups:

    You don’t need any special equipment for push-ups, which makes them the easiest workout to do while you’re traveling.

  6. Ball Push-Ups:

    It’s quite easy to get your hands on a football during a tour and use it for your ball push-ups.

  7. Skull Crushers:

    Another amazing workout you can very easily continue doing while you’re traveling, because you don’t need any special equipment for it. You can use a table or patio wall for support.

  8. Dips:

    If you can find two tables or chairs, you can use them to do your dips.

  9. Spiderman Push-Ups:

    You can do those in your room, on the roof, or in the lawn.

  10. Front Dips:

    Another perfect workout to help you stay fit while you’re traveling. You can use a table or kitchen counter to do your front dips.

It’s not impossible to continue your fitness regime while you’re traveling. All you need is motivation the will to stick to your workout routine.

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