A stronger chest is not only important in an aesthetic sense, but also helps you perform your workouts better. In this article, we’ll teach you how to build a stronger chest with rings.

You might want to ask how rings can help you build a strong chest. When you’re working out with rings, you have to use more of your strength and concentrations – so as a result, you build more muscle. Using rings also helps you produce a muscle-balance in your body. While using rings, you’re using equal strength and concentration on both sides, like when you’re doing push-ups. This helps you achieve a balance in not only your movement, but the muscle you’re developing on both sides will be balanced. This balance helps you develop a stronger chest.

We have discussed in previous blog posts how core engagement matters a lot in being able to receive proper results of your workout. When you’re using chest rings, you’re core is properly engaged, hence you’ll gain maximum results from your exercise.

So, here are few ring exercises that can help you build a strong chest.

  1. Ring Dips:

    Using rings while doing your dips will help you develop muscles in a balanced way on both sides of your chest. It’ll also need more hard work than normal dips; hence you’ll be developing more muscle. You’ll be using the lower part of your chest during these dips, though your core and triceps will also be engaged.

  2. Pelican Push-ups:

    Grab both of the rings tightly in both hands, using them for your pelican push-ups. Go as deep as possible and try to engage your core. This workout will help you open up your chest.

  3. Rings Push-ups:

    Using rings for push-ups, instead of going for regular push-ups, will demand more energy but will also help you develop your chest and back.

  4. Ring Fly:

    This workout also helps you open up your chest – giving you a broader and fuller chest.

You might find ring workouts difficult in the beginning, but the key is to never give up and be consistent with your workouts.