Now once you have mastered muscle ups that we taught you in the last blog, it’s time to take it to the next level! Your body’s endurance level changes as you exercise more and more. While becoming stronger, it also requires more effort than you did before over time. So here is a complete workout by our expert Chris Heria, to help you form a muscle up regimen. However, knowing muscle ups beforehand and mastering them is not a pre requisite for this workout.

  • Switch grip muscle up

Hold a high bar and do muscle ups the conventional way. However, there is a little change in this one. When you are holding the bar, your hands have to be twisted in such a way that they are opposite to each other.

  • Weighted pull-ups

Attach a weight by the help of gym bands or chains and do pull-ups on a high bar. Do at least 5 reps of this. This makes the pull of gravity even greater which makes it difficult to lift your body, hence using more muscle power.

  • High pull ups

This is opposite of a push-up. Working the scapulas in this, hold a high bar and pull your body as high as you can.

  • Negative muscle ups

This exercise makes muscle ups a lot easier. Hold a medium bar. Slowly take your body up and slowly bring it down. Make sure your elbows are inwards while doing this. The slow descend is what makes the muscles strong,

  • Jumping muscle ups

This is just like any other pull up. The only difference is that you start each rep with a light jump.

Do these exercises at least 4 times to achieve the results in no time.

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