Parallettes are bars made from wood or steel those are placed parallel to each other and are used for exercise; they can be used to bring variations in pushups, for hand stand and other exercises.

Why to Use Parallettes?

  1. Parallettes take very less space. If you do not have a lot of space to get shredded, parallettes are totally recommended. The place where you place them on the floor is going to be the place where you train which means you can train in your room, in living room, outside or anywhere you want to.
  2. Parallettes put relieve on your wrists so if you feel like too much weight or stress on your wrists, try using Parallettes. They can help you go for more reps than you usually do.
  3. Parallettes are a great tool to progress onto harder and difficult techniques and exercises because parallettes provide more stability and control.
  4. Make training easier because of the firm grip they provide. It’s a lot easier to train with your hands on the parallettes than on the floor.
  5. Parallettes make it easier to try new exercise and range of motions such as planches, handstand pushups and other exercises.

How to train with Parallettes:

Chris shows how to train with parallettes with his top 5 favorite parallettes exercises. These exercises involve L-sits, handstand holds, handstand press, 90 degree pushups and planche.

L-sits: Very easy to start with and will help to build your endurance mainly. Try doing L-sits with wider and narrower grips. This is going to be the fundamental move of every other exercise that you do with parallettes.

Handstand holds: Parallettes make handstand holds very easy by providing with a firm grip. Try between wide and narrow holds

Handstand press: it helps in developing strength and coordination. Handstand press basically involves alternating periods of L-sits and handstand holds.

90 Degree pushups: 90 degree pushups are performed like regular pushups except that the hands are placed on the parallettes and pushing up is performed.

Planches: Planches involve holding the body in the air with hands placed on parallettes.

Parallettes are a great tool to help you build your stability and make a start for calisthenics. Highly recommended if you have grip problems and unable to complete your target reps.

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