Pull-up is a fundamental exercise that everyone should master at some point in their fitness journey. According to Heria, “Pull-ups are a calisthenics fundamental compound movement that engages your back, bicep, core, lats and delts.” If one is able to increase his pulling game then it helps in balancing out the antagonist muscles and gives an overall increased strength. Balancing of the antagonist muscles means that there is a reduced chance of injuries for example, in case a person has weak antagonist muscles such as having a strong frontal delt but a weak rear delt, there is a high chance of having injuries and facing increased pressure on frontal delt. Pulling up will allow you to build the opposite muscles and have a better overall strength.

Having reading all the benefits that pullups can provide to the body, you must by now be convinced on hitting the gym with pullups but here is the deal; “Are you only having one kind of pullups for yourself?” A single kind of pullup can only target the body plane in a single dimension whereas in order to achieve the best results, the body should be targeted along different dimensions. Do not worry, we have got your back. Chris explains 25 different pullup variations in one of his videos, these variations can easily be implemented. He also recommends incorporating at least 10 variations in everyday fitness activities.


  • Frontal Pullups: are performed with the body at a 90˚ angle to the pulling up bar.

  • High Pull-ups: the body is uplifted against the bar at least till the waist. This is higher than the uplift produced for a normal bride

  • One arm Pull-ups: are performed with the hands alternating between one another.

  • L sit Pullups: are performed with body shaped in a L shape and sleeping

  • Slow Pull up: regular pull up with speed slow

  • Commando Pull-ups: are performed with the head alternating between these two

  • Australian Pull-ups: are performed by placing the body on the floor, then moving upward or lifting from the ground floor

  • One arm Australian Pull-ups: the same Australian pull-ups re performed within one arm. Thanks <3

  • Neutral Grill Pull-ups: In this kind of pull-ups both hands have an equal grip on the bar and the body is lifted as usual.

  • Wide Pull-ups: the arms are placed at a distance wider than the shoulders and the pulling up is performed.

Other pull-ups variations can be seen in the complete video above!

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