In this video, we’ll be discussing the best Calisthenics exercises for each muscle group.


The best Calisthenics exercise that we’ve chosen that delivers the best bicep gains is the hefesto. The reason has a lot to do with the position and the angle of this movement. When your hands are behind your back and you’re trying to curl, that’s going to reduce the help from other muscle groups. Therefore, it’s going to emphasize more on the bicep, and from this angle, you’re curling all your body with strictly your bicep which is something you don’t normally do. This is a huge overload on the bicep, therefore you don’t need to do that many reps with this exercise. However, if you can do a lot of reps, you’re going notice your gains in your biceps.

If you want to increase your reps, we recommend that you use a resistance band. With the resistance band, you’re going to put it across your waistline, hold it both sides of your waist, and then slide your body right off. As you slide your body off, it’s important to remember to hold tightly and maintain control all the way down with the full range of motion.


The best calisthenics exercises for your back is the L-sit pull up. The reason we chose the L-sit pull up is because when you’re in this position, it’s going to reduce the amount of momentum that you use to perform this exercise, as well as forcing you to constantly engage your back. When doing this exercise, you’ll notice that when your legs are up you can see a lot more activation in that lower back.

When performing this exercise, it’s important to always maintain perfect form. Position your hands shoulder width apart on the bar, get a firm grip on the bar, get into a straight line with the L-sit and then pull. With this exercise, the best rep range is from 8-10 reps.


Our favorite and most efficient exercise for lats is front lever raises. Doing a front lever raise simulates the exact motion that you use when you’re doing lat pull downs in the gym. Front lever raises is the most natural movement that you can using for your lats, especially when you’re pulling down with your arms straight which is the best way to activate your lats. When you’re doing the lat pull down in the gym, you’re missing that balance and stabilization factor that you get with the front lever raises.

When doing this exercises, place your hands on the bar shoulder width apart, have a nice over grip, lean from your back in order to activate your scapula, and from that position you’re going to lean back and then come back down. Make sure to keep your arms as straight as you can. With this exercise, the best rep range is from 8-10 reps.


For this muscle group, the best Calisthenics exercise is the explosive push-ups. The reason is because training with explosive movements is going to make everything so much easier. It forces you to use full power with every single rep. Another great benefit to this move is the overload that you get upon impact, being able to slow your body down, tighten and control that body weight.

When doing this exercise, get into the same position as a normal push-up, make sure to have a straight line form your heel to your shoulder, and your hands shoulder width apart. As you go down, lean forward and when you come back up, you’re going to explode  as hard as you can. When you come back down, don’t slam on your wrists, make sure to absorb that amount of energy that comes down, catch it at the bottom and the push up.


The best Calisthenics move to target this muscle is the advanced bench dips. Normally when you do bench dips, you come down and then come up with that forward lean. However, we recommend that you start leaning on the back of your triceps. This way, when you go down and then up, you’re leaning on your triceps. Remember to always be looking up and always leaning back. When you lean back, you’re emphasizing all your weight back onto the triceps, which is reducing the help from the shoulders, reducing the activation from other unnecessary muscle groups.


For this muscle group, we’re going to be doing handstand push ups. The list of reasons why this is the best Calisthenics exercises for shoulders goes on and on. It has a balance factor, an insurance factor, a control stabilization factor. You’re using and pressing full body weight above your head all simultaneously. Another important factor is that when you have your hands on the ground and upside down, your body weight is stacked on your shoulders. When you’re doing a squat, all the control and strength comes from your hips. The same thing applies when you’re inverted for your shoulders. So, in our opinion, the handstand push up is king when it comes to the best Calisthenics shoulder exercise. If you can’t do them free standing, you can do them against the wall.


The best Calisthenics exercises for abs is toes to bar. This exercise is so important because the full range of motion you get through your abdominals. When you’re simply hanging in the position, you’re already activating your core, and then when you curl your entire abdominals all the way to the top, fully crunch and then come back down. You don’t get this full range of motion with any other exercise.

When doing this exercise, your hands should be slightly over grip, shoulder width apart, hanging nice and comfortable, feet tight, and with no momentum pull straight up, toes to bar. When you come back down, make sure to not let your feet drop. Remember, don’t swing because then you’re gonna take all the difficulty out of it. For this exercise, the tighter you squeeze and the better of an over grip you start with, it’s going to be a lot easier to complete this exercise.


The best Calisthenics exercise for legs is the pistol squat. The first reason the pistol squat is great for legs is because what you normally do with two legs, if you’re doing it for one it’s going to be a greater overload. It’s also going to require a lot more strength, a lot more stability, a lot more endurance, control and power. There’s also a lot more muscle groups in your legs such as the calves, hamstrings, quads, gluten, and so forth. If you’re just starting of with pistol squats, you can hold on to something, as long as you keep your extended leg straight and don’t let your knees past your toes. Balance plays a huge factor in this exercises. You might be strong enough to do it, but if your balance and stability isn’t on the same par with your strength, you’re not going to be as functional and strong as you’d like to be.

Let us know in the comment section down below what you guys think the best Calisthenics exercises are for each muscle up.