In this video we’re gonna share with you the best calisthenics bicep workout.

When it comes to calisthenics, most of these exercises are compound movements meaning you need a combination of muscle groups to achieve a single exercise.

In many cases with with different muscle groups, it can be harder to narrow down and isolate a specifically targeted area. For example, when you’re doing pull ups you’re working on your back, rear delts, biceps, forearm, and your lats.

Therefore, we put together a combination of exercises that target your biceps. A lot of the exercises are still going to be compound movements, however, they’re going to emphasize on the bicep.

For the first exercise we have Commando One Arm Negatives. 

When doing this exercise, grip the bar commando style, pull all the way up, then let go with one arm and come down slow.

Make sure to pull all the way up as high as you can. Then with the arm you’re going to come down on put all the weight onto that side. Once you can feel on the weight is on that bicep, you’re gonna let go with the other hand slowly and begin to drop.

The second exercise is going to be Negative Hefestos. 

With this exercise, you can do it on any low bar or on the side of any parallel bar.

This move consists of your whole entire body weight just on your bicep. It’s a super advanced exercise so we would not recommend you guys starting with this move if you’re never done it before.

There are other regressions of this exercise that you can do to get to this point. For example, you can do this exercise with the resistance band or with your feet on the ground and using a low bar.

The third exercise is going to be Ring Curls. 

This exercise can also be done on a bar, keep your legs straight and planted on the ground.

The trick about this move is that you don’t want to be moving the elbow at all. The reason is because one you start moving the elbow you’re going to start to engage other muscles. Therefore, to really isolate the bicep you’re gonna want to keep the elbow still and pull from the forearm up and past your head.

When using rings, twist the rings inward, go up and past your head and then back down. By twisting the rings outwards and then inwards, you’ll be getting the full range of motion in your biceps.

When doing this exercise, keep your core tight and squeeze your hand as hard as you can.

The fourth exercise is going to be One Arm Chin Up Hold.

In this exercise, you’re going to go up in a chin up and just like the in the Commando One Arm Negatives, you’re going to want to secure your spot and pull all the weight onto the arm that you’re going to go down on.

Go all the way, let go of the bar with one hand and hold with the other in a 90 degree hold and then switch hands.

The fifth exercise is going to be Behind the Head Chin Ups.

In this exercise, when you’re going for the bar it’s important to have a nice overgrip, so that when you pull up you’ll be able to get your head behind the bar.

When you’re pulling up, make sure to pull with the bicep, then bring the elbows down, engage your rear delts as if you were doing a normal chin up.

The last exercise is going to be Head Bangers.

For this exercise, you’re gonna pull up as high as you can, once you get that you’re gonna lock in and then go back and forth.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite bicep exercise is!