In this video, we’re going to focus on the best Calisthenics workout for Triceps.

Most Calisthenics movements are compound exercises, meaning they target multiple groups.

These exercises we have chosen emphasize on your triceps and put them together in a workout.

The first exercise is going to be Dips for 15 reps. 

For this exercise, there’s many different ways in which you could complete it. However, the angle and position your body is in plays a huge factor on which muscle groups are being targeted and emphasized. For example, when you’re leaning from the Dip position, you’re putting a greater overload on the tricep, making it harder and way more effective than the traditional dip.

The second exercise is going to be Diamond Push Ups for 20 reps. 

For this exercise, you want to consciously be squeezing the tricep all the way from the bottom and all the way to the top.

Remember, hand placement is incredibly important when attempting to engage a specific muscle group.

The third exercise is going to be Tricep Extensions for 20 reps.

The important thing to know about this exercise is that the closer your hands are to your chest the more it’s going to target your triceps as well as make it more challenging to perform the movement.

The further away your hands are from your chest the easier the movement becomes, however, the less overload it will place on your triceps. Find an angle that challenges you but allows you to perform the movement correctly.

The fourth exercise is going to be Skull Crushers for 15 reps.

Your triceps has three heads, and in order to get an effective tricep workout you need to target all three areas. As you saw with dips, we had a downward angle and with the tricep extensions we had a forward angle. However, with skull crushers we’re gonna go for an overhead angle.

The fifth exercise is going to be Straight Bar Dips for 20 reps.

For this exercise, you normally want to go shoulder-width apart but we’re gonna do it close grip which will help you target your triceps.

The sixth exercise is going to be Advanced Bench Dips for 15 reps.

The key to this exercise is to lean back, your hips up, look forward, and really squeeze when you get to the bottom as well as the top.

The seventh exercise is going to be Negative Impossible Dips for 5 reps.

This exercise is very advanced which is why we recommend you use resistance bands to provide assistance. You should place the resistance band over the bars, get a nice grip and then hop over the band, sit on the resistance band and then proceed to lean back and come down as slow as possible and then back up.

Complete this workout for a total of three rounds.